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My Story To Happiness

I used to be stressed out, working 12 hours a day and constantly looking toward a brighter future that never came. Despite being successful in my previous financial career, I had to hit the bottom before making a drastic change.

Now, I live a nomadic lifestyle, living overseas, travelling and helping others increase their energy through coaching and support. 

I also help rescue pets in my spare time, which I find incredibly rewarding.

Feeding Newborn Kitten

The Process

Above all, I believe in instilling a mindset of happiness in all of my clients. I help them live in the now, and build goals that will allow a positive mindset to grow and thrive.

I get to know my client as a friend, and strive to support them no matter what they're going through in life.

I create a blueprint for healthy living based on a combination of incredible nutrition, fitness and above all else - fun and adventure!

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